13 in 2013

1. Read a book just for fun every month.
2. Take more pictures (not just on my phone or with Instagram!)
3. Run a 5k and find the perfect time in my schedule to run at least three times a week.
4. Put at least $10 in savings every payday.
5. Be better at keeping in touch with friends who live far away.
6. Work on defining my style and branching out of my comfort zone.
7. Visit the macaron seller at the Tuesday farmers' market with my friends more often.
8. Lose a few pounds!
9. Make champagne teas a monthly event with my friends
10. Blog regularly throughout the semester (quite unlike last year!)
11. Donate the things I haven't worn in a year.
12. Improve my social media presence and grow my blog readership.
13. Visit at least one place in town I've never been before, and visit one place in the world I've never been either.

See an update on my progress here, and read more about the things I've accomplished here!
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