{Thirteen in 2013} A Week in Winter

For my very last Thirteen in 2013 read, I chose Irish author Maeve Binchy's A Week in Winter. The book tells the story of the guests and owners of a bed and breakfast on the Irish coast during its first week of operation. It may have had something to do with the fact that I read the book while on a nine-hour flight with very limited movie options, but it was a very quick and easy read. It was by no means my favourite book of the year (the format had potential but left some major points unresolved), but if you're looking for something to read when you need to pass the time, this was as good as any other.
The novel is set in a little town on the Irish coast and is divided into sections. Each section details the backstory of the people who find themselves at Stone House. This meant all of the characters, from the owner who returned to Ireland after a disastrous love affair in America, to a woman attempting to befriend her future mother-in-law on vacation, to a Swedish accountant who was scared of crossing his family to chase his own dreams were richly developed, but what I didn't like is that there was no concluding section tying everything together. Every major character received a section apiece, and then any further mention of them was merely perfunctory, if they played a role in the experiences of other residents of the bed and breakfast. So many sections ended with an air of promise of things to come, but the attempt at a conclusion at the end of the last character sketch felt rather half-hearted. Maeve Binchy was apparently a renowned Irish author, but this was the first of her works that I read. I'd be interested to see what her other works were like.

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