Goals for 2014

I'm not big on making resolutions, especially not abstract ones I'm unlikely to ever keep. Nonetheless, I loved my Thirteen in 2013 project, and this year I wanted to do something similar, even if I think a smaller scale is a little more realistic for the upcoming year. So in honour of the fresh start of a new year, a few personal goals and challenges I know I can accomplish if I work at it seem to be in order.

Spend on experiences, not on things. I have plenty of clothes, shoes, accessories, etc., etc. It's tempting when I'm walking through the shops (and the fastest way to one of my classes is literally through a mall) to pick up things that catch my eye, but they add up. Especially as I'll be living in England for most of 2014, I'd much rather spend my money on daytrips to London, shows, and trips away with friends. I'll never get this time back, and I'd rather have the memory of travels and experiences than an overweight suitcase when I move back to the States.

Turn off the computer, and prioritise reading for fun. I think my favourite Thirteen in 2013 goal was to read a book every month. Especially at the end of the year, even that got challenging, but I really enjoyed accomplishing this goal. Sometimes I sit at my computer literally until it's time for bed, but this year, I want to be better about unplugging at the end of the day, and I know this would be the perfect time to get in some reading just for myself, instead of the historical books and documents I spend the rest of my day working on.

Exercise. During my first term at Cambridge, I found it hard to get into a set pattern of exercising. My favourite time to run is the middle of the day, but I had classes scheduled around that time almost every day. It didn't help that it was dark by 4:00, either. The rest of my time in Cambridge should be much more flexible, and so I want to get out and run at least twice a week, but ideally more often.

Set (and stick to) daily goals. This one is almost self-explanatory. I get so much more done when I schedule my time, and I feel so accomplished when I do. 

What are your goals for 2014?
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