Monday Musings

I just wanted to pop by and share a few things that have caught my fancy lately:

It has gotten so cold lately, and all I want to do is stock up on sweaters to making walking around town a little more bearable. I've had my eye on this classic style in particular. It's my birthday this weekend -- maybe an early birthday present to myself is in order?!

As a historian specifically, but as a human being generally, I am amazed that art stolen by the Nazis continues to be discovered. The New York Times has been covering the recent discovery in Germany extensively, and I've definitely been following along.

John Lewis, a British department store, always has the most adorable Christmas adverts. I loved the one from 2011, the last time I lived in England, and this year, the ad is similarly adorable, plus it features a cover of one of my favourite songs ever. It still seems a little too soon to be getting into the Christmas spirit (next weekend is usually my cut off), but over here the holidays are coming on post haste!

Finally, I'm sharing my day over on the Blog Baton on Instagram today! I hope you'll stop by and say hello!
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