{Thirteen in 2013} The Lavender Garden

My book pick for September was Lucinda Riley's The Lavender Garden. The novel tells two separate stories that are connected by a chateau in the south of France: the story of Emilie, the modern-day inheritor of the chateau, and of Constance, a British spy who travelled to the chateau during the Second World War. The book started out slowly (although in hindsight I think that was intentional), but it quickly became a very intriguing. Riley created two very different characters in the naive and trusting Emilie and the headstrong Constance, but she managed to weave the stories together wonderfully. While Emilie attempts to decide whether to keep or sell the chateau, with the help of an Englishman seemingly interested in the chateau's history during the war, Constance, a member of the British Special Operations Executive, finds herself in Paris with the chateau's owner, attempting to sabotage the work of the Gestapo in occupied France. Both stories were fast-paced and captivating after the opening section, and I thought the ultimate ending was quite sweet in its delivery. I would absolutely recommend giving the book a go.

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