Trendy vs. Classic

I would say that my style tends to be very classic, and not usually very trendy at all. I do try, however, to add a few trendy pieces to my wardrobe here and there--leopard print smoking slippers, seasonal nail polish (this and this are two of my favorites for fall), and bright pink lipstick being the main examples. The basics of my wardrobe are by and large pretty simple, but these leather-fronted leggings from Tuckernuck have me wanting to jump on the leather trend that seems to be so big for fall. Black ponte leggings are one of my staples for the season, and I love that with these leggings, you get the leather look without having to commit all the way to leather pants. And you can't beat the price either! I think I'll be adding these to my fall wishlist for sure!
What do you think about this season's fashion trends?
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