The Rule of Threes

A few years ago, I read somewhere that the key to finishing any outfit was to always think in threes. I have no idea at all where I found that anymore, but the idea has stuck with me ever since. As with all good fashion rules, it's flexible (and easily breakable!), but the general guide of top + bottom + something extra always seems to be spot on. The something extra can be anything substantial, from a blazer to a pullover to a statement necklace or even the right belt or earrings. Whether it's jeans, an oxford, and a cardigan, or a dress (counting as a top and a bottom) and a statement necklace, this rule of thumb just helps tie everything together. For fall, one of my absolute favorite combinations is a skirt, an oxford, and a pullover, but on more casual days, I love jeans (or leggings!), a comfy tee, and a statement necklace. 
The three outfits above are just a few examples of how I go about following the rule of threes. To me, with the addition of shoes and minimal accessories, these outfits are perfectly polished.
Have you ever heard of the rule of threes? Do you follow it?
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