{Weekend Wear} Last Hurrah for Summer Whites

There are a few things I realise about the end of summer. First of all, I realise that the forecast for the day after Labor Day here in San Antonio is 97 degrees, which is the same forecasted high as for Labor Day itself. Second of all, I realise that Emily Post, the purveyor of all things etiquette, says that wearing white after Labor Day is perfectly acceptable. Thirdly, I realise that there are plenty of people who don't care about so-called "fashion rules" and wear what they'd like any time of the year. To you, I say, more power to you, and I wish I had the same moxie. To me, even though it might still be blazing hot, I feel strange wearing my white dresses and bottoms after Labor Day, and so after this weekend, I'll be packing them away. 
So here's a vintage-inspired look for a perhaps old-fashioned tradition, the last weekend to wear whites until next summer. This look has a hint of 1940s glam with a coil bracelet, 1960s chic with Jack Rogers and a lucite necklace, and 1970s fun with a bright tunic. Throw in some classics (white jeans and a leather satchel), and to me, you have the makings of a fabulous outfit.
Will you be wearing white after Labor Day, or will you be packing your summer clothes away?
I hope you have a lovely last weekend of summer!
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