Jeans Now | Jeans Later

Jeans are a staple of my wardrobe, mainly because they're an easy foundation for most outfits and because I think a good skinny jean is an easy way to look polished in a wide variety of settings. While I have several pairs of dark skinny jeans that are perfect for every other season, my white jeans got lost at some point amidst all the moving I've done over the past four years. Because I'm spending the summer in south Texas (the heat index at 10:00 last night was still 101!), I didn't replace them, but I love the way white jeans look in the summer. These two images are examples of how I'd love to wear white jeans now and dark wash jeans as it gets cooler. Click on the links above for an idea of how I'd recreate these looks!

images 1 | 2
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