Connecticut and Ibiza seem quite far apart, both figuratively and literally, but while the details in these houses seem quite different at first glance, there are some common elements to be found in both rooms including plenty of flowers and copious stacks of books, but in both spaces, it's the little details that really complete them. 

To create a little sense of the Spanish coast in your own home, here are a few details from this home to incorporate: fresh flowers in an oversize hurricane vase, decorative pillows (1 | 2 | 3), little objects like this bowl, and plenty of coffee table books ( 1 | 2

The Connecticut home has a rather more staid vibe, but I think it's still gorgeous, and to recreate the atmosphere, I'd add white flowers in a mint julep cup, a china tea set on a wicker basket, and an oversized jewelry box to your bedroom.

images 1 | 2
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