Al Fresco

For many summers now, my sister and I have tried to make a point of having at least one picnic together out on our back porch.  It's a bit trickier than it sounds--in the Texas heat, the last thing I want to do is eat outside, and my schedule for the past couple of years made it particularly hard to find a date when we were both in town and free.  When we do manage to get it together though, we have such a good time.  There's something about dragging all the food and cutlery outside, setting up speakers, and filling up a huge pitcher of lemonade that makes us want to stay out there, chatting away on the lawn furniture, for hours on end.
This shot from an Architectural Digest feature on Angus Wilkie and Len Morgan's New York penthouse reminded me of just that.  I love this gorgeous setup (that china! those boxwoods! that VIEW!), but what I really love is how all of those things come together to create a space that looks so inviting that I just know I would want to spend hours up there, preferably at sunset, talking with friends.  After all, that's what summer nights are for, right?

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