Life lately

Today, it has been exactly one week since I finished my undergraduate career.  The past week has been hectic at times, relaxing at others, and wonderful many times over, but it's also a lot to process that the past four years have flown by and in just a few short days I'll be walking across the stage, diploma in hand.
I'm trying to savor the moments that are making up my last few days at school- I attended the senior gala with one of my very best friends, I've been on several long walks to take in (and photograph) my gorgeous campus, and I've been spending as much time as possible with my friends- cooking dinner, hanging out in the park, and having long conversations (including one wonderful chat sitting with a friend in the academic quad on the graduation stage).  
It's hard to think that in just a few short days my life will be changing so much, but there are still so many good things between now and then to look forward to.
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