{Thirteen in 2013} I ran a 5K!

I ran a 5K this weekend!  It actually went really well, which was unexpected, because the second part of that particular Thirteen in 2013 goal, to run three times a week, has proved nearly impossible this semester.  Especially last week, when I had to defend my thesis, turn in a paper, and present at a research symposium, I didn't have any time at all to train for a 5K.
On Saturday morning, I was actually convinced that I had made a huge mistake in signing up for the race.  Waking up over an hour earlier than usual was literally the last thing I needed to do after being sleep deprived for so long, and to top it off, I had a huge blister on one foot from wearing heels so often that was rubbing in exactly the wrong spot.  But I covered the blister with a bandaid and moleskin, put on a brave face, and headed to the race to be ready for the 8:00 am start time.
And once I got started, it was actually really good.  I'm not in as good of shape this semester as I've been before, but I shaved a minute and a half off my best average pace for the distance this semester, and I have no idea how that happened at all.  I was shocked when I saw it!  And it felt so good to finish  my very first official 5K, and I did it with a few of my roommates and friends as well.  
All in all, it was a great way to start my Saturday.
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