Brunch at the Dilly Deli

This weekend, I went to Tulsa, Oklahoma to celebrate a friend's bachlorette party.  I'm going to be in her wedding this summer, and since Friday was my last day of classes, this weekend was a perfect time to take a quick trip.  
I had visited her there once when we were freshmen, but we mostly stayed on campus then.  This time, I got to see more of Tulsa, which is actually a pretty cute little town.  We went out to a few bars, one of which even had Pimm's Cup, which can be hard to find in the States, on Saturday night, and on Sunday morning, we went downtown for brunch.  We also visited the Philbrook museum, of which I thought the best part was definitely the gardens outside.  The tulips there were absolutely gorgeous!
It was a great trip to see my friend (and I can't believe she's getting married so soon!), and a weekend away from campus was actually just what I needed.
Have you ever been to Oklahoma? What did you think? There was more to do than I thought there would be!
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