An Outfit for the End

Today is my last day of classes as an undergraduate.  I suppose technically, I've been having "last days of class" all week- two of my classes met for the last time on Monday, one met for the last time yesterday, and today, I only have one class after lunch to finish.  I'm full of conflicted emotions about this- I'm glad that the hectic pace of this semester will finally die down, and I'm proud to be done with my undergraduate career, but I'm also incredibly sad to think that soon I'll be leaving the place that's been my home for the better part of four years, the place I have come to love so much, where I have met so many of the people that have meant the most to my life.
So on the last of last days of class, here's the kind of outfit that has been my defacto uniform over the past four years- simple and comfortable, but still put-together and professional.  I have a feeling I'll be dressing exactly this way for many more years to come.
I hope you have a happy Friday and a lovely weekend!
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