A Confession: The Kentucky Derby is my favorite sporting event

An overhead view of the 2006 race

Blueberry Mint Julep | How Sweet Eats

As the title of this post implies, the Kentucky Derby is, in my opinion, the best sporting even of the year.  I'm not too big on sports in general (my other favorite sports are tennis and golf, which are not exactly the usual picks), but I have loved horse racing for years, ever since I used to watch the races on television with my dad.  I've been to a few big races in England, but I've never been to the Kentucky Derby, and I am absolutely dying to go.
So happy Derby week!  Here's a twist on the traditional mint julep courtesy of How Sweet Eats which would be perfect to make if, like me, you'll be watching from home rather than from the track this year.
Will you be watching the Kentucky Derby on Saturday?

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