Home Sweet Home

I popped home this weekend to get a few things taken care of, and my sister came down from school too, so my whole family was at home, and it was lovely to see everyone.  I did not really have the time to take off from all the schoolwork I have, but in the end, it was actually nice to force myself to take a break with this weekend at home.  I've been having a very stressful and busy semester so far, and the next few weeks hardly look any better, so the unplanned rest from the nonstop reading and writing I've been doing was so relaxing.  And when I was working, I was curled up in an armchair with my darling dachshund, so all in all, it was nicer than sitting at the desk where I spend the majority of my time every single day.
Going home always makes me think about decorating and interior design.  My bedroom is stuck in a permanent sort of limbo between high school and real life.  I still have prom pictures framed on my bookshelves, but those shelves are now crammed with history books from past semesters.  My sister used my desk while she was in high school and I was away, and some of her papers are still cluttering the drawers.  My walls are the same pale blue I loved in middle school.  I've arranged and rearranged my bedding at school so many times that coming home for a quick weekend is always a bit of a challenge- my bedding at home is actually quite inadequate these days, but since it does not look like I'll be moving back for the long-term any time soon, it doesn't make any sense to buy anything new.
If I could start over in my childhood bedroom, or if I had a more permanent space of my own right now, I'd love to design something calming and relaxing, decorated in shades of blue, white, and grey with pops of pink, preferably with a huge, soft bed and at least one big armchair where I could curl up and read or watch shows on my iPad before bed. (Although if I'm being honest, I'd probably just do those things in bed, the way I do right now.)
How does it feel whenever you visit your childhood home now if you're at university, or if you've already moved on in the world?  Does your style from high school make you cringe a little?  Mine certainly does!

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