Suellen Gregory Interior Design

I stumbled upon the work of the interior designer Suellen Gregory on Pinterest the other day, and I was absolutely smitten with her generous use of monograms, her appreciation for Chinoiserie wallpaper, the gorgeous fabrics, and the light, airy rooms she creates.
In particular, though, I love the second image of the living room, because the bookcases haven't been so stylized that there are hardly any books on them.  She incorporated a real collection of books into the public space, and I adore that.  While I love an artfully stylized bookshelf as much as the next person, all the history books I've collected over the years are some of my most prized possessions, and very few of them would look good next to coffee table books and leather-bound sets.  My dream house definitely includes a library, and while I want it to be as lovely as possible, I want it to be practical too.
If that wasn't enough, I adore this statement from her website: "A voracious reader and an avid traveler, Suellen is constantly finding inspiration in her daily experiences."  To me, that sounds like the very best way to find inspiration for a creative life.
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