The Year in Review

2012 started off slowly.  I had just come back from a semester abroad and was seriously missing it, but in the end, this year was an unexpectedly wonderful year.  If I have a fraction of the experiences I had in 2012, I have a feeling 2013 will be a great year as well.

In January, I moved back to my school in the States.

In February I went to Washington, DC for Spring Break with some of my closest friends from school, plus I got to meet up with a dear friend from England at Georgetown Cupcake.

In March, I got some great news about the summer, and in April, I finished classes to end my junior year.

In May, my little sister graduated from high school, and I got to visit my best friend from high school in Oxford.  The unexpected return to England was absolutely wonderful.

In June, I started my summer internship in Paris!

In July, I took two more trips to England for research, including one during the Olympics.

In August, I started my senior year of college.

In September, I made some major decisions about my future, and in October, my university celebrated its centennial with a long weekend of celebrations.

In November, I got some wonderful news about grad school, and celebrated my 22nd birthday in my favorite way, with dear friends, cupcakes, and champagne.

In December, I finished my second-to-last semester of university, and while this month brought more questions than ever about 2013, I got to spend the holidays at home with my family, which has been absolutely wonderful.

Here's to 2013 being a year that exceeds expectations for you and yours!
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