Pretty Flats

Rather depressingly, I ruined more than one pair of shoes walking around Paris every day this summer (the streets there are so hard on your footwear!), and at the end of my internship, I didn't even bother bringing my nude flats home.  I had decided that the perfect, ideal replacement pair would be the Michael Kors Erin flats... until I saw these earlier this week.

The J. Crew Janey flats in apricot mist are absolutely adorable!  I love the dainty little gold heels that give the shoes the slightest lift (perfect for someone short, like me), while still preserving the look of flats, and hopefully the feel as well.  Now, if only I could just snap them up- maybe I'll ask for them as a birthday present, or maybe I should start saving my pennies!

Do you have a go-to pair of nude flats?

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